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It’s the age old question.  Why is this luxury investment worth it?  Do we NEED to have photos? Well the simple answer is no – they are not a necessity of life.. you’re right.  But do I NEED Photos in my life??? Yeah – I sure do.  They change my perspective, they allow me to […]

This season has me thinking about how the next generation is going to remember our moments, our traditions.  As I sat at the thanksgiving table with my husband’s family I thought to myself how incredible it was to create this table where 4 generations sit, a table that over the last 10 years has housed […]

a letter of thank to the bills, for an incredible season, a light in our winter, and something to look forward to.

this little lady is the youngest of 5 and i have had the pleasure of photographing all of her older siblings starting with her oldest sisters first birthday session.  their mama is so many things to me – a coworker, old neighbor and most importantly a great friend!  i have such admiration for her – […]

ok.. this one is an old one… but my goodness is this girl adorable, and her room… is basically spectacular.  with beautiful light and pretty soft pinks and neutrals it was a dream to photograph in.  it seems crazy that time goes by as fast as it does – i clearly remember cora’s newborn session… […]

Gallery walls are all the rage.  We’ve been in our house for almost a year and a half and we just FINALLY hung things on the wall I’ve been dreaming of having one.  As a photographer I love helping families create beautiful artwork for their homes and a large family print is the perfect way […]

Hey friends! I’m joined here today by my OTHER sister talking about presence and mindfulness.  I have to practice the things in this message every. single. day.  being present in ONE moment and not multitasking is super hard for me, but so worth it and something i work towards every day.  As a mom, wife, […]

It’s been so fun looking back on sessions from the end of the last year.  I hope you’re all enjoying this trip down memory lane and its bringing some beauty and joy to your lives in the current uncertain moments we have.  i know for me – every day is a roller coaster of emotions […]

Hey friends!! We’re back again with another guest post.  As a family photographer I’m taking in these moments we have at home – and while appreciating time spent with my babies – some days are very overwhelming too!! it’s SO important that we take care of ourselves before we can give everything we’ve got to […]

Lauren asked me to write a little blog post for all you new-to-homeschooling moms with some tips and helpful hints. First of all, I want to say, you CAN do this!

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