January 12, 2018

My Why.

i have lots of goals for 2018… starting with working on myself, my business and setting goals… Some goals are more simple – like drink more water, get to yoga once a week, and some take a little more work – be more present in my life and crush some really big business goals… right now i’m taking a course and in one of the worksheets I was asked to think about my business… and then think about a time before I was getting paid to do it and ask myself WHY.  Why did I start to take photographs – before a business, before clients, before anything… WHY did I pick up a camera and create.  I stared at my computer, and my paper for quite a while thinking back to REALLY what brought me here.  To this point, to this place in my life. Where did photography begin for me, how did it become a passion and where has that led me to now?


I remember always loving taking pictures – I always had a camera – I remember getting one from my godfather when I was about 8… I always carried disposable cameras, and put my printed photographs in the sleeve albums, worked at CVS in the photo department and received my very first digital camera for graduation from high school from my parents. My parents still have family albums out in their living room which I love looking at – it tells our story.. things i remember… many that i don’t – they are there so we can have them forever.

But really – what sparked this fire inside of me was them.  My kids.  From the moment Leo was born I wanted every single moment frozen.  I didn’t want to forget a single minute… from the treacheries we experienced breastfeeding to the indentation on my couch from sitting there for wayyyyyyy to long while I was on maternity leave not wanting to do anything but snuggle my boy! Every day that passed I wanted to document.  That was my first inspiration. To remember life as we knew it – in all the good and the bad… because after all… its us. Our life. Our story.  From then on I lived to capture our moments, and create beauty out of the every day. Thats what started this journey for me. Creating images and telling our family story made me feel alive… it gives me joy, makes me stop to be thankful, and gives me perspective every day.


what started as a passion for documenting life turned into so much more – not only did I want to capture this but how could I preserve it so that my children could share our story with their children?  My love of printed photographs and family albums started to develop especially when I completed my first project 365.  A photo every single day of our every day.  when I felt that album in my hands from that HUGE project I felt not only joy, but I was proud.  Proud of myself for completing the project, for creating art that my children can share forever, and proud of myself for taking the time to not only document our days with my camera but for recognizing the importance of printing our family story which will become our family legacy.


The next part of the worksheet was to think about all these same things in regards to business… why do I do it, how does it make me feel and why am I compelled to share it with others.  are the answers the same? For me – it is.  I love remembering my life through images, and there is nothing quite like holding a printed photograph of those moments. I want to share with other moms, women and families just how BEAUTIFUL life is – even with messy homes and messy hair… its freaking beautiful. I want families to have heirlooms that tell their story for years and years to come.  I want moms to remember forever how it felt to hold their newborns fingers when all 5 of them could wrap around one single pinky. I want them to remember what their baby smelled like sleeping soundly on their chest and feel that from looking at a photograph.  I want kids to feel the joy they had laughing when their dad tickled them, or the love they feel looking at an album of their entire family snuggled up under one blanket reading their most favorite “Llama, Llama” book.  Thats why I do it.  I am a photographer to document days.  To freeze time.  To help you remember these fleeting moments.  To give you perspective on the rough days (because we ALL have them!!!).


This is my why.  It started because of them – my kids, my family. And I am grateful to be able to share this passion with all of you – because every family deserves to have their moments documented, shared and printed.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to document your days – in the most beautiful, remarkable way.

  1. Sandra says:

    This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Sandra says:

    This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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