June 5, 2019

The P. Family

This family is near and dear to my heart – I’ve documented them a few times the first time being when their little man was 6 months old (Jack and his dad wore Buffalo Bills hats for part of the session so we were all immediate friends!).   there is nothing more amazing than watching families grow – watching the kiddos grow from babies into toddlers, hearing their voices change, and documenting those moments for families.  Walking into their home you can almost feel the warmth and homey-ness…watching them snuggle on the couch, read stories together, bake cookies and of course have tickle fights are some of my favorite memories to capture.  this session had it all – from snuggly little babes, to cookie baking and oh so many snuggles.








and did i mention the FAMILY FILM option yet??!  Not only can you complete your experience with beautiful artwork for your walls and albums for your coffee tables, but you can walk away with a family film to hear those baby giggles and see your favorite fingers and toes – all put together in a beautiful way to document your life – as it is… right now.  I can’t wait to schedule your next family session to help you decorate your home, and walk away with a beautiful film to highlight these fleeting life moments.


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