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My name is Lauren and I love in between moments. I love freezing the instant when a little girl pushes hair out of her face on a breezy summer day, the wrinkles on a newborn baby’s back, the laughter from tickling matches with daddy and happiness created in a family’s home. I am a wife and a mama who lives to capture natural moments of love, joy, crazy and quiet. I love love, I love newborns and babies, and I love families. This is what rings true in everything I do.
I live in Upstate New York with my husband and two kiddos, Leo and Nora. Those two are the best thing my husband and I have ever done, and I seriously photograph them all. the. time. In addition to being a photographer, I am a pediatric nurse. I am inspired by these little people, reminded of their strength and how amazing children are every day. Working with them gives me perspective on life, makes me appreciate the littlest moments as remarkable ones and motivates me to provide lasting memories in heirlooms for my clients.

lauren kirkham


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my babies inspired me to become a photographer, and continue to inspire me every day.

i’ve run two half marathons (one at disney world!)

i can drink a bottle of (good) red wine without batting an eyelash

i can spend a whole day with my sisters and mom and text them within 5 minutes of separating

i could eat a cheeseburger for dinner every night

my husband and i met on the first day of college (though he doesn’t remember our first actual introduction!)

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Fun Facts

i'll show you life’s beautiful mess...


my family


I live for days spent at home with my family. On our favorite days we sleep in (hah! til about 7:30 on a good day with our two crazy kiddos!!) and my husband makes pancakes - Mickey faces for the kids of course, and we lay around in our PJs all morning. We love to be outside, and delight in days when it's nice enough to spend the afternoon out there. I love observing everything my children's little minds think of. Leo loves to dig - with his hands, his tools, and his trucks - I could watch his hands and mind work for hours on end just digging and building. Nora's true personality and likes (her dislikes are pretty clear too!!!) are starting to really shine through as she grows. She wants to do most everything her brother does - legos, bikes, reading... though she hasn't quite taken a particular liking to digging in the dirt!

My husband is the epitome of the fun dad - loves playing outside, has the best engineer mind for building with blocks and legos, and does not like to sit still... at all. My love for photographs grows every day - my desire to capture even the littlest moments of my family to remember forever is my constant drive to keep going.

This passion has led me to providing that service for others as well. Taking time to notice the little moments and capturing that in the camera to be printed as family heirlooms is what inspires me. Our family photo albums help me reflect on the growth of our family, and help me to relive even the littlest moments like when Leo would only lay on my pregnant belly when he watched tv, how happy Nora is when she wakes up from her nap in her room which gets the most beautiful afternoon sun, the time my husband, Leo and I had ice cream in the basement on national ice cream day because there was a tornado watch, and the day Leo and I visited my grandma and he sat next to her and held her hand on a pink down blanket which I would later find out would be our last photograph of her. I get to have these 'little' moments forever and remember how the smallest things can have the biggest impact on our lives.

things i love

red wine
cookie dough ice cream
my super comfy bed
Sappy tv shows


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