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You may recall seeing this beautiful family on the blog a month ago when I finally got their maternity session up… now their sweet girl is rapidly approaching two months old! It’s crazy how fast time goes even in the beginning.  Baby Camille joined her family right on time, and she is the perfect addition.  […]

at less than 48 hours old this girly was a complete dream.  not only did i get to snuggle a super cute brand-spanking new little baby but i got to photograph her too!  i am lucky enough to know her mom, and to have worked alongside her at the hospital since i started my nursing […]

i know i’ve said it before and i will again – i just love these sessions! i love capturing the peaceful moments in the hospital room before craziness begins at home!! i was lucky enough to meet miss claire when she was less than 24 hours old!  she is perfect – perfect little nose, perfect […]

i have really come to love in hospital newborn sessions.  something about the freshness of the baby, the overwhelming happiness from the family about their newest addition, and the awesomely huge bright windows in a hospital room.  it all comes together and creates this magical moment, one that i am lucky enough to get to […]


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