April 14, 2020

Meet Eloise… Saratoga Newborn Photographer

you all asked and i listened.  it’s been a while since i have blogged sessions and it’s a 2020 goal of mine to be more diligent!  i love photographing and telling all of your stories and think that they deserve to be shared with others as well!

Little Miss Eloise will most certainly have stories to tell – about her amazing parents who tried and waited so long for her, about her wild older sister who makes everyone laugh, and about their home – nestled back in the woods – the perfect oasis for two best friends to grow up in.



I was lucky enough to document the beginning of Eloise’s life on many occasions – from a maternity session to a fresh 48 and last at her in home newborn session.  Her family trekked out to my spot for their maternity portraits and though it was a brief session – it was pretty darn amazing – ending with big sister Amelia sitting pensively on the steps in an image that makes me stop in my tracks every time i see it.




Not knowing the baby’s gender – I definitely thought Eloise was a boy so when I heard from her mama that SHE had arrived i was completely surprised!  But here she was – a perfect little bundle all wrapped up in a beautiful floral blanket.



Big sister Amelia jumped right up to the plate.  there is literally nothing i love more than watching families grow… especially what i’ve had the privilege of documenting them time and time again.



and then finally they welcomed me into their home for our home session.  from a perfectly beautiful home in the country, to amazingly coordinated outfits, the cutest baby swaddles… and an elsa dress to top it all off.. this session is one for the books.



as a mama i know we just don’t get enough moments photographed of us with our littles… we so often hold the cameras and document life as what we see… so moments like this.. soothing a newborn.. these moments mean the world to me to capture for another mama.
















It is such an honor document families with a new addition to their family in their own home. these moments go by so quickly – and often with parents in the newborn fog it becomes a bit of a blur!  Freezing moments and turning them into tangible memories through photo albums and prints allows families a way to relive these fleeting moments, the ones that go by, the ones when we sit at our children’s first birthdays and say “remember that day we brought her home from the hospital?”  Those moments need to be solidified in our brains – they need to be remembered – they need to be relived in images so that in 10, 20, 30 years we can tell our babies the stories of when they came home from the hospital, and the first few days at home, their teeny fingers and toes, and even how their crazy big sisters wanted to put on her Elsa dress and then sat quietly for the most perfect moments together.


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