May 8, 2020

Motherhood: Inspired


This weekend is Mothers Day – or if you saw my post earlier in the week I have declared that this whole week should be considered Mothers Day Week considering the interesting role changes many of the mamas in the world have experienced over the last couple of months.  I personally went from a full time work from home mama running a business, picking up a shift or two at the hospital and lots of carting around of the kids to a full time homeschooling mama also trying to finagle working two jobs (one being a business completely shut down by the pandemic and the other being on the front line of the pandemic!)… to say this time is bizarre is an understatement, but to say we will get through it with the help of each other is 100% the reason i’ve maintained my sanity thus far.  I thought it was fitting, this being Mothers Day Week to finally share the Motherhood: Inspired story.


Motherhood: Inspired was an event I thought about for years before it actually happened – and in reality once I finally put the plans into motion – it was planned in less than a month.  Which makes me think of a quote I recently read, “Don’t be surprised how fast the universe moves once you’ve decided.”  I could digress on breaking down this quote in talking about goals and dreams – but today I’m here to talk about the mamas.


As mothers, we experience SO many of the same things, and yet express ourselves in SO many different ways.  My goal was to bring a whole bunch of mamas together; to hear their stories; to show us all that though we are very different, we are all in it together and here to support one another.  Mamas came out to my house, got a little pampered from my girl Lauren Trudeau, and then had a mini portrait session with their babies.  But that wasn’t the really special part for me.  The community we created with a bunch of women who knew literally nothing about each other was what continues to give me chills even nine months later.  Each of these mamas were interviewed, asked about how they define themselves as a mom, what their struggles are, what they will tell their kids in 20 years, and what advice they have for others in the mama tribe.  I still look back on these and get tears in my eyes because I feel so many of the same things, and I know every single one of these women are amazing in their own way.  


I asked each of them to describe themselves with words and the responses were endless. From boy mom to adoptive mom to working mom to exhausted mom to stressed mom to mom guilt mom and all things in between!  As a mom myself I find it difficult to look inward and focus on the things we are all GOOD at and yet when asked to give other mamas advice MANY of us encourage others by telling them “you’re doing great,” “you got this!,” “you’re on your own journey,”  and one of my personal favorites, “Every mom has a story, and it’s easy to become caught up in the pressures of keeping up with the latest and greatest. Surround yourself with those who are willing to not only share their story, but listen to yours.”  Every single response was filled with positivity and encouragement.  We all have our stories, we all have our struggles and our strengths and my goal through this project was to highlight that – and rely on the strengths of others to build us up and get us through.  I truly believe that “it takes a village” to raise children.


Still – the most impactful moment of this whole event was the moment when EVERYONE trekked out to the field for one massive group shot.  The chaos of corralling LOTS of kids and a bunch of adults all trying to corral said children was kind of inspiring. All of these women were brought together for one event – to highlight who they are as a mom and show that though WE may define ourselves in one way, our children and other women may see us very differently.  I wanted every single woman to walk away from this experience knowing these things… YOU are worthy, YOU are strong, YOU are brave and most of all YOU are loved and you love harder and more than you ever thought possible and THAT….. That in and of itself is ENOUGH.


So Happy Mothers Day to all the mamas out there – I hope you take a few moments this weekend to remind yourself how amazing you are and that you feel loved.  And keep encouraging this mama tribe – telling them how amazing they are in moments of weakness, supporting them through the tough stuff, because in reality we all learn from each other, we all help each other (even in the smallest of ways) and we really are all in this together.


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of the people who made this day possible.  My friends and favorite photographers Lindsey and Makayla, my family who helped throughout the planning and on the day, Lauren Trudeau ( for pampering the mamas and mostly my husband for believing in this project, supporting me through… and capturing the epic drone footage in the field!

  1. Katie says:

    Love this so much! That group shot is AMAZING!

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