July 11, 2019

The G.M. Family; Albany Family Photographer

when Sarah and I talked about this session she really wanted to focus on things that she loves doing with her kids.  I was lucky enough to photograph her family previously and this was the perfect complement.  last time we had some craziness outside in the backyard then went inside and piled onto the couch.. this time we started reading a favorite story of the kids on the master bed then took time in each kids bedroom doing something they love.  we played games, built blocks, read books and had lots of snuggling time.  Sarah and i have talked so many times about the challenges of working and parenting and that we just want to remember all of these moments just as they are – she and I talk the same language… parenting is so darn hard, and it is so darn beautiful.  i hope these images help you feel a little bit of the beauty i see in this lady all the time!  every moment is so not perfect in our lives as parents – but my goodness… they are all remarkable.  and be sure to check it out all the way to the end to see their family film 😉



snuggling on the bed is the best place for these moments….



connect four competition!!!!




this guy literally sang me an entire song from the greatest showman in the middle of our session




the. absolute. best.



and don’t forget to check out their family film below!!!


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