December 12, 2018

The W Family; Saratoga Family Photographer; Wildhaven Farm

These people right here… and especially this mama… shes amazing.  last year, when miss Amelia was turning one – her mama reached out to me to use a gift certificate she had received when Amelia was born.  Little did I know that I was about to meet one of the best people I know!  Amanda is my listener when I need to vent about things, a friend when I need one and one who LOVES to talk about printing photos – and puts them up all over her home (I’m living vicariously through her right now with all the new family photos she just put up because we aren’t in our new home yet and i have NO family prints out!!!!).  Amelia is a spit fire… full of energy, a crazy-wonderful toddler.  she and my nora have such similar personalities it is insane!

we had a beautiful evening sunset at wildhaven farm on the day of the LKP Fall short sessions (which were totally awesome and I already can’t wait to plan the next event with vendors and everything out there!!!!!).  The timing was perfect, sun dropping below the trees, the warm glow out over the field – and a spunky little lady to keep everyone laughing and entertained.  enjoy just a sneak into their session.

Saratoga Springs NY family photography session at Wild Haven Farm with Lauren Kirkham PhotographyLauren Kirkham Photography_family_0214Lauren Kirkham Photography_family_0215Lauren Kirkham Photography_family_0216Lauren Kirkham Photography_family_0217Lauren Kirkham Photography_family_0218Lauren Kirkham Photography_family_0219Lauren Kirkham Photography_family_0220Lauren Kirkham Photography_family_0221Lauren Kirkham Photography_family_0222Lauren Kirkham Photography_family_0223

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