June 13, 2019

3 Questions To Ask BEFORE you Hire your Family Photographer

choosing someone to photograph your family’s most intimate moments can be challenging!  it’s important that you are both on the same page, expectations are known and understood so that you can not only ensure the best experience, but you can feel comfortable thinking about the portraits you will receive.


1. What is your ideal session like?

this is it – the most important question!!! you want to know exactly what your photographer thinks is the perfect session.  if you’re looking for a posed family portrait photographer they may let you know that it will be very structured, with a specific location in mind and specific poses that you will be put into as a family.  Other photographers may say – “we let the kids run wild!” and your session is just that – following the kiddos around being their wacky selves!  And still others may talk about using the location and lighting in a way that is complimentary – in between clear posed and running free.  There are three very defined styles of photography (and many differences within those styles!!) – posed portraits, documentary and lifestyle photography.  it is sooo important that you discuss with your photographer what they expect – so that you can ensure it fits the mold with your family.  there is someone for everyone – and ensuring that you like the photographer’s style and flow will ensure that you not only have a fun session but that you love your images!



2. What is the end result of our session?

The answers to this are endless!!!!  Family albums, Artwork for walls (framed prints, canvas gallery wraps), Online galleries, USB drives with files, or flat prints…. there are so many different ways your images can be delivered to you and you want to make sure you understand everything about your photographer’s experience right off the bat.  ask what services are included, what you should expect after your session, how long it will be until you see you images… these are all things you want to know before scheduling your session!



3. Can I see an example of whole family session?

This is a great way to get a feel for how a session flows with your photographer, and the type of images that the photographer captures throughout and entire session.  It’s hard to get a feel for a style with one or two images so it can be helpful to see an entire gallery.  When you can flip through all the images in a gallery, notice how you feel looking at the images – if you look through and feel strongly about the images, or they make you smile and laugh then thats a great indicator!


Putting it all together….

Family portraits are a big decision – an investment of time and money and its important that you are able to choose the right person for the job.  Whatever style you choose – your photographer can be more than just someone who takes your picture – they become someone who documents your family in a way that you can beautifully remember memories – how your children look at every age, the little things they love to play with, what makes them laugh the most.  Take the time to ensure that you are making the right decision for yourself – and ask any other questions you may have of your photographer before planning the session.  Feeling comfortable is the first step in being able to capture your family in the way that fits you the best!

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