May 15, 2020

Cora turns ONE! Saratoga Family Photographer

ok.. this one is an old one… but my goodness is this girl adorable, and her room… is basically spectacular.  with beautiful light and pretty soft pinks and neutrals it was a dream to photograph in.  it seems crazy that time goes by as fast as it does – i clearly remember cora’s newborn session… before her parents had been able to move into their new home… and as i post this she’s now approaching TWO!  It’s so fun to look back on old sessions and think of how these sweet babes have grown, and the honor I’ve had documenting their families throughout the process.  you can see images from cora’s session here but today….. her family film is going live on the blog.. hope you enjoy!!!


i love family films for so many reasons…. to relive moments with movement, to hear voices of your babies… they are the perfect compliment to framed prints on your wall and albums on your tables.  an opportunity to see your family, hear your family.. as it was at that time.  i’m thrilled to be able to offer family films with lifestyle portrait sessions and can’t wait to see what we can capture for your 2020 family session!

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