May 19, 2020

Little Miss Brigid; Saratoga Family Photography

this little lady is the youngest of 5 and i have had the pleasure of photographing all of her older siblings starting with her oldest sisters first birthday session.  their mama is so many things to me – a coworker, old neighbor and most importantly a great friend!  i have such admiration for her – her calmness, her soft manner and lets be honest.. the way she corrals 5 kids under 6 is nothing short of amazing.  it is such an honor to be invited into family’s homes to document the newborn time… the quiet moments, the chaos of older siblings, and the love exploding from everywhere is quite literally why i do this job, and what makes me fall in love with it every single time i have a session.



images like this always bring me right back… i remember thinking how all of a sudden my toddlers hands looked SO huge after having a newborn again… its like you forget how little newborns are… but then you also can’t believe how big your toddler is.  these are the moments i want to keep forever.




brigid is certain to be well protected by her older brother and all those sisters.  i can only imagine the dress up parties, nail painting and dance lessons that will happen with these girls!






all of their babies have been photographed wrapped in this tartan with their dad.  i think its an amazing and awesome tradition that each of them has with their first protector.



i have so much love for this family, and there is so much love in their home!!!  thank you melissa and ryan for the pleasure and honor of photographing your family in a lifestyle newborn session.  its pretty incredible to watch your family grow!

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