August 11, 2017

LeHockey Family; Saratoga Family Photography

prepare yourself for the perfection of this session.  i was actually lucky enough to have TWO sessions with this gorgeous family because our first one was rained out about 20 minutes in.  The day had been beautiful – and we were having lots of fun – mr. dylan (who usually is not a fan of doing photos with me) was LOVING the camera… and then we noticed the sky had turned this weird eerie, green color – but we continued on… and then within minutes – downpour.  everything was soaked.  they stuck it out and we waited to see if it would pass, but no such luck.  Even with the rain we got a whole lot of cuteness from these guys though.  So we headed out to Wildhaven for a second session – this time the sun was shining brightly and the grass in the field was illuminated, and we had a blast.  once we got through a little dilemma with a stick all was well ;).  I have photographed this family quite a few times, and it has been so exciting watching the kids grow up.  from their sweet smiles to goofy personalities – there is never a dull moment. these moments are irreplaceable – and now tim and orah get to enjoy them from years to come in their custom family album <3


i mean.. just look at that smile <3

first time EVER with these two that this was so perfect.  those eyes are killers!!!!  orah and tim – you guys are in trouble with these two!

just a little stroll down the driveway hoping for the sprinkles to stop…

allllllll the heart eyed emojis.

at our second session that beautiful sun was shining down on my favorite wildhaven field making for complete perfection!  and man do i ever love the outfit choices you always make orah!!!!

loving on her bro!

every little girl must twirl!!!

this is it.  right here. this is family.. snuggles with mom, real smiles, and pretty catchlights in naomi’s eyes.  this is why i love family photography <3


this is where their family began.. with mom and dad. and add in a gorgeous sunset and you’ve got a pretty darn frameworthy image <3

“miss lauren, can i be a pirate??!”

i hope you enjoyed some highlights from our session.  I can’t wait to talk to you about planning your family session!  And don’t forget to sign up for the LKP newsletter right here on my website!  Yyou’ll be the first to hear about all the exciting things planned for the rest of 2017!!!


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