July 26, 2019

Motherhood: INSPIRED.



What is motherhood? What does it mean to be a “good mom”?  Some of you may have already seen an image I posted on social media yesterday and I talked about how we as moms (and really dads too!) are so quick to judge ourselves, to be critical of ourselves – what we aren’t good at… rather than highlight the things that we are good at, and the fact that we are DOING OUR BEST.  Because at the end of the day – that is enough. YOU ARE ENOUGH. For a while I needed to remind myself of that… I obsessed over the word “enough” and “should” without really being able to pinpoint to myself what is “enough” and what I “should” be doing. We so easily forget to think about the things are ARE good at to over analyze that we aren’t the perfect Pinterest mom, or we yelled at the kids about not getting ready fast enough (and then felt badly about it), or whatever else we’re beating ourselves up for.  So I want to challenge you – I challenge you for today (and hopefully many other days following) try to think about what it takes to be a “good mom” because YOU are the only one who can define this for yourself – and focus on those things… because we aren’t perfect and at the end of the day – if my children feel loved and appreciated then I think I’ve been a good mom.


For a while now I’ve wanted to host an event where all the mamas come together – all of us, our stories and our babies.  Because I want to know your journey. It’s probably different than mine – but the same thing rings true with all of us – we love these little people more than we thought humanly possible, right??  So let’s share with each other – let’s share our mama story with our mama tribe. Have you heard the story about the female elephants??? If you haven’t I’m sharing Jen Hatmaker’s story about it here because it is SPECTACULAR.  And this is US – when another mama is vulnerable, needs guidance – we are THERE… we are each others tribe and we support each other through it all.



Sooo…. What this all boils down to – is that I want to celebrate!!  The journeys, the strengths, the weaknesses and everything in between all of that.  You are all worthy – your story deserves to be told and I want to tell it. Motherhood Inspired is an event where mamas of all different stories and ages can come to do just that.  We all define ourselves in different ways – let’s talk about these different ways, be vulnerable, point out the positive and negative things we say to ourselves (and let the negatives GO! Its much easier once you’ve said them out loud!!!) – let’s put them out to the world and start talking so we can start supporting each other.  If you’re interested in participating in motherhood inspired you can fill out a brief application here and I’ll be in touch!  Applications will CLOSE at midnight on Friday July 26!!! So be sure to get your info in there – and share with friends who may be interested!



Let’s support our mama tribe through the ups and downs, lets highlight the beauty of motherhood, the different stories about how and why you became a mama, the things you’re great at, and the things you need support from your people with… all the things… they make you who you are – and that is something truly beautiful.


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