April 28, 2020

The B. Family; Saratoga Lifestyle Family Photographer

It’s been so fun looking back on sessions from the end of the last year.  I hope you’re all enjoying this trip down memory lane and its bringing some beauty and joy to your lives in the current uncertain moments we have.  i know for me – every day is a roller coaster of emotions and i welcome alllllll of the happiness that pops into my newsfeed and in my inbox – so thats my goal here… give you some beautiful, happy moments to look through to add to your every day life (which if thats anything like mine right now its a lot of the same day after day – especially with this darn RAIN!).


The mama in this family is a pretty amazing woman – not only is she a beautiful mom for 4 (including twin boys who were born while she was a resident!)… but she is someone i have to pleasure to work with at my nursing job – she is one of the fabulous attending physicians in the pediatric ICU. our session together was filled with rambunctiousness, fun in their yard, and culminated with some goofiness on the couch.  it was basically the epitome of everything i love for a home session – start outside and finish inside on the parents bed – pretty incredible.




i absolutely love documenting kids personalities in their sessions – letting them be themselves (no matter how wild that may be!) is the best way to create authentic images that pull you back in time to remember these moments just as you saw them.



nothing gets me quite like a moment between mama and her girl.


#reallife as parents hah!




and then it was really wild as all the kids crashed mom and dads bed… wild.. and completely amazing.





Theres something about this photo that stops me every single time.  i dont know if its because i’m from a family of 4 kids and i just somehow relate to all of the different personalities present in one image, but whatever it is.  i’m totally in love with it.


i can’t wait to get back to freezing real moments in life for you and your families, and hope this brings a little happiness to your day.   happy tuesday!

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